Why Invest in a Great Belt?

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Men’s belts serve many functions, primarily to hold up one’s pants. If pants have belt loops, a belt should be worn; however, if there are no loops, suspenders can be used. A high-quality belt will maintain its shape, and not fold, curl in, or bunch up, making a substantial difference in the appearance and function of the belt. A cheap belt will often sag, causing the pants to droop in places. This not only looks sloppy, but is uncomfortable as well. It can also pull on loops, and wear down the pants unevenly. Spending a little more on Men’s brighton belts, for example, is far more cost-effective than replacing pants.  These quality belts are well-made, affordable, and available in numerous styles.

Another function of a belt is to hold essentials. Pagers, cell phones, flashlights, knives, and gun holsters are just a few items commonly attached to belts. Unfortunately, a cheap belt will not support these added items, bending fraying, and cracking it. This could result in all of the items falling to the floor, or moving around on the belt. These days, everyone wears a smart phone, and these can be quite expensive, and store a great deal of information. With that in mind, securing it to a high-quality belt will drastically reduces the chances of it being smashed on the concrete should it wiggle its way loose.

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A belt is also a fashion accessory reflecting the style of the man. If you listen to the fashion experts, know that belts should match the color of the shoes worn, a wider belt made of woven hemp, fabric or suede is designed to be worn with more casual clothes, and dress slacks call for a slim and simple leather belt.

The well-dressed man is prepared for any activity, rain or shine, with a good belt, sure that his bamboo cay shirts are tucked in and everyone can, of course, see that fine belt he’s invested in. Purchase a nice belt wooden hanger while you’re at it to keep all your belts assorted and at hand, making selection a snap when you’re in a hurry. With all the right accessories, getting ready for business or fun is a snap.

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